Trustees are placed in an extraordinary position of responsibility and bound to act with the highest degree of integrity and fiduciary care. Undertaking this responsibility requires much time and expertise in both financial and non-financial aspects of wealth management.

The need to balance family dynamics and intergenerational issues with strong governance, wealth management and legal expertise means it is often challenging to find a single person equipped with the depth of understanding required for the role.

We can fill these highly responsible and time-consuming roles and make sure your wishes are met and your defined wealth strategies are protected.

We provide full trustee services and can act as executor, trustee and attorney either solely or jointly. We can be appointed trustee or co-trustee of your family trusts.

We can help you find answers to questions such as:

  • How can I see the whole picture?
  • How do I demonstrate strong fiduciary oversight and succession?
  • How do I step away from the detail but still remain in control?
  • What performance should I be getting from my investment
  • What level of risk should I be taking?