The financial assets of a charitable organisation are hard won. They are precious and difficult to replace. Our approach to management of these assets is based on clear, focused and unbiased investment advice.

We help your organisation develop and implement robust investment strategies that ensure your mission can continue and your work can thrive.

We work closely with your board to balance the day-to-day requirements of the organisation with longer-term financial objectives, through strong fiduciary oversight and carefully considered succession planning.

We can help your organisation find answers to questions such as:

  • How do we balance our mission needs while safeguarding our current assets?
  • How can we see the whole picture?
  • How do we demonstrate strong fiduciary oversight and succession?
  • How do we step away from the detail but still remain in control?
  • What performance should we be getting from our investments?
  • What level of risk should we be taking?

We can provide complete control for charitable organisations. We provide full investment services, including investment strategy and advice, investment policy, portfolio construction and investment selection. We also offer performance reporting and custody, as well as a full range of compliance and administration services.