In circumstances where Indigenous Communities have negotiated benefit payments from resources companies, careful planning and management can protect and enhance this pool of financial wealth for generations to come.

We can help you find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the priorities and needs of the community?
  • How much should be distributed to members of the community?
  • How should assets be distributed throughout the community?
  • How can we protect this benefit for future?

From a wealth management perspective, there are many similarities between Indigenous Communities and large intergenerational families, which means we are well placed to assist.

By working closely with the community we develop a detailed understanding of families, the community, trustees and a range of complexities. This means we can ensure the priorities and needs of the beneficiaries are respected whilst providing strong stewardship of the assets.

In this role we provide a number of services including governance and administration, as well as assistance around the establishment, investment and management of future funds for the benefit of the community.