Conflicts of interest may exist with any one or more of the following:

    • The Myer Family Company Ltd (“MFCo”) is the responsible entity of the MF Cash Management Fund. MFCo will receive fees for acting in this capacity as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement for that fund
    • MFCo is the trustee of the MF Charities Equities Fund. MFCo will receive fees for acting in the capacity of trustee as set out in the MFCo consolidated information memorandum.
    • MFCo provides administration and custody services for Australian United Investments Ltd and Diversified United Investments Ltd.
    • A related entity of MFCo has substantial holdings in Carindale Property Trust, Diversified United Investment Ltd and Industria REIT Fund and has holdings of ASX and internationally listed securities and units.
    • Mr Sidney Myer, a Director of MFCo and related entities, is also a Director of Copia Investment Partners Limited.