With investments, it’s clear that the objective is always to gain a return. At the same time, the objective should also be to gain that return in the right way. That means setting goals that are achievable, in keeping with a long term view. For markets move in line with trends, and trends don’t reveal themselves overnight, they unravel over time. It also means calculating a level of risk that is right for the individual investor. For we all have different levels of comfort in terms of what we would be prepared to put on the line.

At MFCo, we understand that one size does not fit all. Even the most sophisticated portfolio may not be the right selection for some. So we listen to your objectives, employ realism in the targets we set, and use pragmatism in how we assess progress over time. We start with a view of what is achievable; we believe in simplicity rather than complexity; we follow our better instincts not market noise. This is how we make our investment in your best interests.