The responsibility that comes with wealth is great – it must be managed carefully and reflected upon with equanimity. It can easily become a day-to-day duty, if not a daily headache. It is only natural that we can get caught up in the detail and lose sight of what is happening around us. A sense of ‘managing things’ may feel like it is keeping us focused, but in reality it can preclude us from finding the time to see the bigger picture.

At MFCo we work with you to take a step back, look broadly at your affairs and put plans in place. Because if you can see the whole picture clearly, the smaller details will tend to work themselves out. We look at your financial circumstances in the context of your individual, family or organisational objectives, and help you build a framework around these. This framework not only defines your broad outlook, it ensures the efforts you put into managing the details all contribute to the same desired outcome.