• By working with you to define your objectives and desired outcomes, we will be able to develop a framework to guide and provide a constant reference point. To do this we invest time upfront. We gain a complete understanding of your financial and non-financial motivations, hopes and fears. From here we develop strategies, both practical and philosophical, that steer your desired wealth journeys with an equal mix of determination and careful consideration.

    However, success can only be evaluated if it is measured and monitored.  With a roadmap in place, we check in regularly, continuously monitor progress and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your long-term goals are realised.

  • We offer a unique investment capability to clients seeking to achieve real growth of their asset base and embed discipline into management of the risks and rewards in a portfolio. Operating as your outsourced “chief investment officer”, we work with you to develop an investment strategy that speaks directly to your needs and objectives – now and into the future. We are agnostic to market approaches and adapt depending on the environment. This leads to the definition of portfolio frameworks that provide both discipline and opportunity.

    At the end of the day, we understand that strategic asset allocation and investment selection matter. The best strategy in the world is pointless without quality performance balanced with risk optimisation.  We specialise in sourcing investment options that are ideally suited to the investment needs of our clients and we are rigorous in our monitoring and management of these options.  The results speak for themselves.

  • The structuring of your financial affairs requires consideration of a range of factors. From the latest opportunities and techniques to the broader issues surrounding family governance. Whether guiding you on taxation, superannuation and structuring strategies in the short-term, or intergenerational transition in the long-term, we work with you to secure and insulate your wealth and associated assets.

  • We help you unravel the complexities of trusts and estates and help you meet your many obligations as a fiduciary. As a licensed trustee company, we are also able to be appointed to act as a fiduciary with you or your chosen family members.

    With expertise in long-term stewardship, we facilitate your compliance with your fiduciary duties and powers, whether adhering to the terms of a trust or acting decisively on advice. We can help you manage your assets held individually or in entities, including family owned businesses, lifestyle assets, and assets you have identified for family succession or philanthropy. And in being alert to any changes to your personal landscape, we will help you with your estate planning to successfully manage intergenerational wealth management and succession in estates, trusts and corporate structures.

  • The prospects for philanthropy are all the greater with a long-term program tailored to your vision and values. We begin the conversation by reflecting with you on the definition of a giving program that uniquely reflects your family’s ethos. We then bring all parties together in a workshop designed to generate alignment and commitment for the cause. Our other services cover grant research and recommendations, the formation of foundations, plus accounting, tax planning, compliance and secretariat.

  • We understand that the administration of wealth and investment assets is a significant commitment. It demands focus, time and no little expense. With our integrated portfolio administration, accounting and taxation platforms, we can provide you with a one-stop solution. What’s more, with a comprehensive reporting suite covering statutory, net wealth, plus board and management reports, you’ll always have the big picture view at your fingertips.