The Myer family story is one of enduring achievement through dedication to business, people and philanthropy. It blends a tradition of entrepreneurial spirit and commercial success with values of prudence and compassion.

It was these values that defined the success of Sidney and Merlyn Myer and continue to inspire and inform the evolution of the Myer family today.

Sidney and Merlyn Myer dedicated themselves to ensuring future generations could take part in the opportunities created by their wealth.

To this day, the Myer family honour this legacy through prudent and effective wealth ownership. As it has grown and strengthened, so too has its commitment to acting in the best interests of all. The Myer passion for family and philanthropy is a constant, and their sensitivity to future generations and society as a whole unifies them in their work.

  • Sidney Myer achieved the extraordinary. He emigrated from Russia penniless before starting a business from which he created an emporium.

    From the very beginning he embraced innovations in service and value. His ingenuity and leadership – revolutionary by 1920s standards – led to significant enterprise success.

    He applied himself with equal enthusiasm to matters beyond business. He became a leader in the community, demonstrating true compassion and helping people directly through his philanthropy.

    Sidney didn’t achieve through good fortune – he was prepared with ambition, foresight and dedication. These remain values that the Myer Family subscribe to wholeheartedly and recognise in our clients time and again.

    Merlyn Myer bears equal responsibility in setting the course of success for her family. As matriarch, she instilled values of respect and integrity which have long been the bedrock of the family’s philosophy and conduct.

    It is the legacy of Sidney and Merlyn Myer that we continue to uphold, with pride. And it is in consideration of the example of dedication and integrity set by the Myers that we both set our standards and measure our success today.

  • For a man who achieved remarkable success, it is all the more remarkable that Sidney was known to his peers as a philanthropist first and a businessman second.

    The Myer family has a long tradition of philanthropy, stemming from Sidney Myer’s roots and upbringing in Russia. As a child he was firmly schooled by his parents in the importance of community and giving generously to those less fortunate.

    Later in life he would of course become renowned as an incredible visionary for philanthropy in Australia. Notable among his initiatives was the gift of Christmas dinner for 11,000 people at Melbourne’s Exhibition Building in 1930 during the Great Depression. A year later, he helped fund jobs for 1,000 married men by enabling the construction of the Yarra Boulevard.

  • The Myer Family has a continued commitment to philanthropy. The giving programs it has established since Sidney Myer’s passing have had a lasting impact on the Australian community.

    Through The Myer Foundation & Sidney Myer Fund the family’s giving has provided support for initiatives and organisations in the following areas:

    • Poverty and disadvantage
    • Education
    • The arts & humanities
    • Sustainability and the environment
    • Social justice
    • Medical research


    The Myer family’s giving philosophy has enabled the development of the country’s most innovative facilities and institutions. It has proudly supported:

    Members of the Myer family have been closely involved in the leadership of these foundations across multiple generations. Today, many members lead their own foundations, providing support across a wide range of fields and helping thousands more people.

  • For MFCo, the values of generosity, honesty and integrity are central to the way we work with our clients.

    Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience of effective philanthropic structures. It is through careful and considered establishment of these structures we can ensure enduring participation in charitable giving by generations to come.

    For families, we provide advice and expertise on the establishment of structures such as private ancillary funds. While for larger groups including not-for-profits, we work side-by-side with their boards to develop strategies aligned with goals and accountability.

    Whatever your situation and goals, we are committed to helping you deliver lasting benefits for the people and communities with whom we live.